Project name:
Updating the integrated water resources management plan in the western border drainage basins, Karkheh, Karun, Zohreh, and Jarahi



Ministry of Energy -Water Resources Management Company

Field of activity:
Comprehensive studies of water resources


Khuzestan, Ilam, Lorestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, and Fars provinces


Behan Sadd Consulting Engineers Co.

Project objectives:

Updating the integrated water resources management plan in the drainage basins including Zohreh, Maroon, Dez, Karun, Karkheh rivers, and western border rivers. Due to environmental issues and the changes in the government’s commitments to build water projects, and new allocations, agricultural, urban, industrial demands, Aquaculture, and environmental needs.

Project Description:

Limited renewable water resources, on one hand, and the increase in water consumption, on the other hand, the country is faced with a serious problem to balance the supply and demand of water.

To succeed in managing the country’s water resources, new approaches based on sustainable development principles must be developed.  In this respect, cultural, political, and international considerations should be taken into account. and the trans-sectoral nature and impact of water resources management on other economic, social, and environmental sectors. Due to the successes and failures in the past decades, new approaches ought to be considered for the integrated water resources management in the country.

Behan Sadd’s scope of work :

Consultant of the researches and studies.