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In recent years water crisis and scarcity have become clearly understood. It is expected to affect all development components at the national level and in different regions, which will seriously threaten sustainability in various dimensions. All the officials, different strata of society, and the governing agencies generally will deal with the phenomenon. The transition from the critical situation to water security, has been subjected to a great test.

Undoubtedly, in this decisive situation and serious period, consulting engineers’ roles are the main effective capacities in preparing and implementing structural and non-structural designs to maximize their efficiency with the least social and environmental risks.

In fact, in this period of time, the most critical and urgent strategic goal of Behan Sadd Company is to participate in overcoming the present conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the managers of Behan Sadd Company, who have a long experience in the water sector and water resources development, understand all the water sector’s real needs in this critical time and use their experiences and capacities to help to improve the process.

One of the essential areas of activity of Behan Sadd Company is focusing on the revival and rehabilitation of water resources development projects. As we know, the first generation water projects, which Behan Sadd Company started about five decades ago, are gradually coming to the end of their economic life. Therefore, the protection, revival, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of these types of structures will guarantee their sustainable and long-term operation at a lower cost, and at the same time, avoid the adverse effects of new development plans. This situation is compatible with the standards, criteria of integrated water resources management, and sustainable development.

Carrying out studies of comprehensive water plans is another area of Behan Sadd Company’s activity, which is the real need for transition period from supply management to demand water.

Behan Sadd believes that with the capacities gained on the one hand and the support of respected Clients, on the other hand, it is possible to overcome the historical conditions by lower costs and higher returns.

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