Project name: Shiraz Urban Railway


Shiraz Urban Railway Organization

Field of activity:
Urban Railway

City Shiraz- Fars Province

Project Objectives:

Development of the transportation system for the inhabitants of Shiraz and promoting it to an international standard.

Project components:

  •  Line No.1
  •  Line No.2
  •  Subway Stations
  •  Surface Stations

Project Description:

During the first and second phase studies of the project and after reviewing the whole project, the LRT system was selected as the most appropriate option. In this system, each train consists of three wagons, having a capacity of 200 passengers. The minimum waiting time for a passenger will be 3 minutes, and the train stop time at all stations will be 30 seconds. The passenger capacity of each line in each direction will be 10 to 15 thousand passengers per hour. The route of line number one  Shiraz train network starts from Allah Square and ends at Ehsan Square.

Project specifications:(line one)

A: Tunnels

  • Length: 15 km
  • Diameter: 6.88 meters
  • Lining: Prefabricated reinforced concrete
  • Tunneling method: Drilling by TBM and EPB machine

‌B: Stations

  • Number of subway stations: 13 units
  • Number of surface stations: 8 units
  • Average distance between stations: 1 km

The role of Behan Sadd Company :

Project management in construction phase, a joint venture of Metra Company